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Pour l’instant, l’agenda n’est plus mis à jour ici - voir l’agenda du site CIPACO (lien ci-dessous) ou l’agenda du site, un projet basé sur Mediatic

Agenda du CIPACO
L’agenda du Centre sur les Politiques Internationales des TIC Afrique du Centre et de l’Ouest vous donne accès à un ensemble de dates correspondant à des événements majeurs sur les TIC en Afrique et ailleurs.
Forum électronique : processus d’évaluation de l’impact de la radio communautaire
4 - 22 septembre 2006. Forum réalisé par AMARC et ses membres et partenaires.
Multimedia and online journalism
May 2006 : The programme is open to journalists from newspapers, magazines, news agencies and pure online publications. Preference is given to applicants who work for online editions or who are to take up such work in the near future.
IPI World Congress Edinburgh 2006
27-30 May, 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland. The International Press Institute World Congress will gather publishers, editors and senior journalists from around the world to discuss issues that concern the fight for a free media in poor and rich countries alike, in democracies and dictatorships.
2nd West African Regional Media Training Workshop
3rd - 5th August 2006, Nigeria.
Training Ghanaian Journalists for the Information Society
26th-28th April, 2006, Accra, Ghana.
Using ICTs as Tools for Effective Journalism
1-3 June 2006, Monrovia, Liberia.
Introduction to ICT Journalism
20th March-20th May 2006, Online. This course teaches the theory and concept of ICTs journalism and how to use ICTs tools how to generate and publish news content.
International Course Broadcast Journalism : Migration
Feb 5 - Apr 27 2007, Location : Hilversum, The Netherlands. Designed to strengthen the skills of professional journalists reporting on the causes and effects of migration.
Internet for Journalists
May 14 - Jun 22 2007, Hilversum, The Netherlands. This course is aimed at journalists who want to make better use of the internet both as a research tool and as a means of distributing information.
Training the Trainers (Radio, Television & Internet)
May 15th - June 23rd, 2006. Strengthening the capacity of trainers, training organisers and educators working in or for the broadcast sector to assess training needs and design, develop and deliver effective and efficient training solutions.
Youth Media Development Forum’06
04-08 June, 2006, Bamako, Mali. The forum will bring together media professionals from developing countries to share and learn about media productions with children and youth.

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